What is Web Hosting and Domain

Hi friends in this article we will discuss about Web Hosting and Domain.

First of all we need to know that how web pages open.

I have an example to explain that how actually websites open webpages when we surf using internet.

Suppose we want to visit www.example.com and get information about that website then we need to type www.example.com in address bar of Web Browser and need to press enter button in keyboard of your Computer. After few second web page will load and open also display the information what we are searching there. Time taken is so fast to open a website in Web Browser.
Actually Computer send that request to DNS Resolver. All Internet Provider are using DNS Resolver. Resolver Server has ability to resolve DNS to IP address.

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We know that all websites are hosted in server that is called hosting. Also each website has there own internal IP address. But we remember their domain name only because it is easy to remember that is called domain.

If we think to create a own website then we need to get a Top Level Domain (TLD) like .com, .net, .org .info etc and a good hosting plan. Not only that we need to integrate it with that domain and hosting server.

If you purchase domain and hosting plan from different provider then you need to connect that domain and hosting by pointing their IP address and need to change name server and if you purchase domain and hosting plan from same provider then no need to change your name server. It will take few minutes to update their ip address.

Once web hosting and domain successfully updated their ip address it will ready to use. Now we need to install script in our website. We can install Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal etc.

I think we can Install Wordpress because it is very easy to use. There are best quality responsive theme availabe free/paid both so we can install in our wordpress website also there are too many useful supported plugings for wordpress.

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If you have some basic idea about Web Development or programming then you can easily install wordpress and customize it using editor. But if you want to design your website in very easy way then you can get Website Builder Plan. So we can design our website by simply drag and drop method. It is very useful to create a website in short time or no deep knowledge of Web Development.

If we are thinking to build a simple blog like tech, review or fashion blog etc. Then we need to select wordpress hosting. It will suitable for that. There are few type of hosting services you may select like basic web hosting - baby hosting, Something faster and easily scalable-Cloud hosting, or Powerfull hosting like VPS hosting and Dedicated Server - Which can handle lots of data request and provide maximum bandwidth.

Also there are too many services which we can select with hosting plan like SSL Certificate for Secure Connection, Codeguard, Web Design, PPC and SEO

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