Software :-
It is the set of Computer programs, procedures and associated documentation related to the effective operation of a computer system.
A set of instructions that perform a particular task is called the program or software program. The instruction in the program instructs the computer to perform input operation, process the data and output the results.
These are different category of software .
These are - System Software, Application Software, Utility Program and Perverse Software.

System Software :- System Software or System Packages are sets of one or more programs that are basically designed to control the operarion of a computer system. There are general program written to assist users in the use of the computer system by performing tasks, such as controlling all of the operations, moving data into and out of a computer and all other steps in executing the application program. Eg - Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10,  Vista, DOS, Unix).

Application Software :- Application Software or application packages are sets of one or more programs designed to carry out operation for a specified application. Eg- Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader, Auto CAD etc.

Utility Program :- An Utility Program is a program designed to perform maintenance work on the system or on system components.

Perverse Software :- It is a program which knowns how to copy itself and attaches itself to other programs which further spread the infection. These are different types of perverse software. These are - Trojan Horse, Time and Logic Bombs, Worm and Virus.

a) Trojan Horse :- A Trojan is a program  that invades a computer system by secretly attaching itself to a valid program downloaded into computer.

b) Time and Logic bomb :- A time and logic bomb is a program that destroys data, for example, it may reformat the hard disk or randomly insert garbage into data files.

c) Worms and Virus :- A worm is destructive routine in a program that is designed to modify a program or a database either all once or over a period of time. It is very similar to the logic bomb.
On the other hand a computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user.

Preventive measures and treatment method of the perverse software :- These are three things one can do to prevent viral infection in a computer system. These are -
i)   Limit sharing of software.
ii)  Limit transitivity.
iii) Limit functionality.

Anti-virus is the program to get rid of perverse software or the viruses. Most popular method used today is known as 'scanning' Which is essentially searching for a virus by looking for a certain sequence of bytes which is unique to that virus. Vaccine program is also a program that watches for typical things that viruses do, halts them and warns the computer operator about the computer security being threatened.

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